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"Artes Escénicas
Raquel Hinojosa 's Academy"
is working with:
  • "LA NEVERA" at Majadahonda - Ice rink 
  • "EL PALACIO DE HIELO" in Madrid
is teaching Ice skaters Ballet and Modern Dance since September 2019
  • FLAMENCO GIRLS nft (FGDC) as Artist adviser & Choreographer
  • Youth Center at Las Rozas for  Intensive summer Musical theater courses
  • SAGRADO CORAZÓN REPARADORAS college - Majadahonda -  Extracurricular Activity
  • JOSÉ BERGAMIN GUTIERREZ college - Boadilla - Extracurricula Activity
Artes Escénicas
Raquel Hinojosa's Academy
collaborated with:
The National Federation Figure Skating: -Individual Skating
-Synchronized Skating
"LA NEVERA" in Majadahonda
Ask Raquel
at  (+34) 619.727.900
or via Whatsapp
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They recommand...

"Learn in a fun way...

High quality classes,

- Have fun dancing!"

"We present the first International Diploma of Unesco"

"We are preparing for integration into the Conservatory of Dance and Music"

Ballroom Dance Teacher Training

"Theater company, welcome

and work with us your favorite Musicals..."

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BALLET y PATINAJE SINCRONIZADO con Escuela Artes Escénicas Raquel Hinojosa, Majadahonda
Classes ...
BALLET y PATINAJE SINCRONIZADO con Escuela Artes Escénicas Raquel Hinojosa, Majadahonda
Last New!

Your School of Dramatic Arts has been open since September 01, 2017.

¡¡¡ Call us and schedule your next Classes !!! 

11 Granadilla street, Majadahonda - Madrid.


this School integrates the three Dramatic Arts:

- Dance, Music, Theatre.

We teach Dance in French and English...

Whatever your age, your level, your desire to move as well as to learn, you will appreciate the Classes of our Teachers for their qualities. As part of an exclusive and adapted teaching, you will discover or remember these Magical Worlds of sensory and emotion, through these manifestations of Art in movement, Body Expressions, Music, counting with the 24 activities of our Academy.


Dance for all those who want to learn it and take pleasure in practicing it.

Dance for Everyone...

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